PDFs Combined

By chipper28 - 11/11/2009 11:33:42 AM

In case other people prefer to flip through paper looking for what they want instead of having to load a forum, a subforum, a topic, and then download a file, I'm uploading a pdf that contains many of the PDFs in these forums for TS. It's just a few of the template pdfs, but all of the techniques and ARIMA pdfs as well as all of the general info (including some that are for both TS and RA).

It's 206 pages, and set up so you can print it two-sided with each pdf starting on a front (that's why there are some blank pages such as p.2)

No table of contents for it because I'm lazy.

edited: coworker put the other template pdfs together... just another 14 pages if you want fun.